Medina Palms Landscaping

Set on a 6 acre ocean-front plot in Watamu, the landscaping (hard and softscaping) project at Medina Palms was designed in collaboration with landscape designer Melina Scodanibbio and implemented by IDEA studio’s landscaping team over a period of 2 years, and involved the setting up of a nursery with over 10,000 plant specimens sourced and propagated from Kenya and overseas, and a team of 20 gardeners used during the implementation phase. The design intent was from the beginning to observe the existing site conditions (including soil, sun and wind exposure, seasonal changes etc.) and let nature lead the way in the selection of plant material. Another important element was to rely heavily on indigenous specimens, including the ones which are often disregarded for being ‘too common’, and use them in novel ways to create sculptural effects and bold colour contrasts.

Project Details

Services: Landscaping

Location: Watamu, Kenya

Size: 6 Acres

Date of completion: 2013

Photo credit: Luca Cavallini